Note: Transport.

[Diagram to go here]

The controller(s)and client communicate by wireless network, normally hosted by one of the android devices.

Setting a device up as a hotspot I found to be more expedient than setting up an ad-hoc network, while still allowing
the OSC bridge to remain on the computer.

Having everything on an isolated network also minimises interference from other devices. A typical configuration
is shown below.

For example:

  • The ip address of the hotspot-device was
  • ipconfig of the computer, while connectd to the hotspot is
  • The second android device has the ip
  • The android devices will display their ip address in the OSC option of Touch OSC. The Touch OSC Bridge should be active on the computer and visible in the taskbar. The host and OSC bridge have, in this case, the same IP address as the computer, so these fields may be populated accordingly.

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