Judder setlists. 6th June 2014

Hamst0r vs dBsurfeit


dBsurfeit – Drop the bloody torpedo
H: Revolucian – Bale Out
dBsurfeit – Born with these cold dead hands (Lady Gaga vs Combichrist)
H: Heavygrinder – Vulgar Walking
dBsurfeit – I, Bad Girl
H: Schmolli – Du Hast Sandsturm (Rammstein vs Darude)
dBsurfeit – Calypso Girl
H: Losers – Flush
Skindred – Set it off

Conrad ought to be able to expand on exactly what he’d mashed together, as it stands, all I have is guesswork and their titles to go on.

Hamst0r 1am-1.30

Prodigy – Their Law
Jane’s addiction – Been Caught Stealing (Metranohm mix)
Prodigy vs Sub Focus vs RHCP – Give it away bitch
Schmolli – Madonna’s carcass (request)
Subvibe – 30 million
Gry – Princess Crocodile (Sammy Senior mix)
Brainhunters – Snuff
Camisra – Let me show you
Jaldaboath – The J Team


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