Back from the dead

For the forseeable future, this blog will be changing to cover RPG development, system building and work in progress on the Crux corebook, and the processes behind its creation.

Some of the changes being made to the existing Brutal Engine, used in Corporation initially started began to take shape when I was working on a rewrite of Exalted 3rd Edition with Mercury Locke. Our reworking of the Intimacies paved the way towards the changeover to facets of Conviction and the trauma pool, but more on that in due course.

The rewrite of Graceful Charm Methodology, fully edited and in pdf can be found here.

Onyx Pathfinder

The original treatment can be found here:

In the following article, we’ll be explaining what Crux is, and the rough concepts behind it, so you, dear readers, aren’t quite as mystified by the enthusiastic stream of conciousness ramblings and seemingly unrelated and anachronistic settings, and our reasons for the decisions we made as regards the setting as a whole. With luck, we’ll manage to get the idea across in a clear, concise, and mildly irreverent fashion.

If we don’t, there’s always tabloid journalism, or Young Adult novels by the numbers.


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