All Hallows’ draws nigh…

As All Hallow’s Eve rolls around and our focus veers towards the spooky, I’d like to introduce a playable bloodline to you that is, thus far, unique to Crux, and their peculiar role in their society.

I present: The Calaveri.

Undead are conventionally sad, tragic beings, with little or no prospect save the dour and often gothic tale that surrounds them. The Calaveri take more from the Baelnorns of Forgotten Realms, in that they are both community protectors and living ancestors. We take this even further: They are the reward of the people of Aoctlan after death and are integral, participating parts of the community, an active and outgoing part of the nation, as well as its most formidable defenders.

Not to mention snappy dressers…


Taken from Lady Mechanika, La Dama De La Muerte,

“The living folk of Aoctlan are a down-to-earth, hardworking people, toiling tirelessly and without complaint, producing food, drink and art in equal measure. They are devoted to their duties like no other, knowing that their reward awaits them in the afterlife. As their life draws to a close, those worthy are chosen to make a pilgrimage to the teocalli-city of Mictlan, where they are interred and undergo the transformation from servant to exemplar, reborn as one of the Calaveri, a joyous inspiration to their people…

…Significantly for undead, Calaveri are able to eat and drink and even become intoxicated despite their notable absence of internal organs, and indeed do so at every opportunity, though quite where it all goes nobody has been able to determine – anything they consume seemingly just vanishes into the inky blackness inside their skulls. It is theorised that this sustains them through a process more akin to the offering of burnt sacrifices to ancestors than mortal digestion.”

– Direct from the game dev notes

So, they’re faith-powered weaponised temples, fuelled by good food and gifts where the thought is more important than the substance. They are, in fact *empowered* by partying this hard, and can ‘bank’ offerings into a power pool to supercharge their Talents, which gives them a unique versatility.

More than this, however, they’re an inspiration to all around them, and they are uniquely positioned to empower their comrades, granting Conviction to all around them, one of the game’s major resources.

Does this mean they’re the bards?

Not necessarily. Their own particular unique abilities may make them very good at a support role, but how they do that is up to their player, and every other bloodline, which we will detail as time goes on, have their own particular ‘equaliser’ powers. These will give new options, as well as offering a level of granular customisation to your own particular flavour of hero, or heroine, while (hopefully) not making things too complicated and crunch heavy; we prefer to think that these tricks will give you a few more options.



Happy Hallow’een, pardner.


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